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How did you learn to create graphics?


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I was never someone who was into creating my own graphics such as images for websites, banners, headers or just any graphic in general. I always remember using Photoshop with a free trial and I would sit for hours messing with things and viewing tutorials to learn new things.

Once my free trial of Photoshop had run out, I found out about GIMP and moved there to learn more and better my graphics skills. I now use Canva and GIMP to learn and practice my skills along with watching tutorial videos as well to help.

How did you learn to create graphics? Did you use tutorials or was it trial and error or maybe a bit of both?
YouTube was a great help for me when I was starting out. You know it was never easy to start out, but I did it and can now do some designs with ease. There are other platforms where you can learn how to run some graphics designing aside YouTube.