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Have you used Canva?


Canva is a website that I came across a few months ago. They either have their free version or you can pay for Canva Pro which gives you access to a lot more features within Canva to be able to not only make better graphics for your websites or marketing needs but also be able to make videos as well that can also help with marketing.

I at the moment am only using the free version of Canva but I have been tempted to upgrade to the Pro if I feel it would be a good investment.

Have you used Canva? What do you use it for usually and have you invested in Canva Pro? If so, is it worth the investment for what you use it for?


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Yes I use Canva, I use it for logos and our wedding seating plan, placemats etc


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I used Canva a lot when it comes to any graphic work or even videos I need to make as well.

Unfortunately, you do need to have Canva Pro to access a lot of the features and options they have which is great if you are able to afford it per month or year.

If I used Canva more I would definitely consider buying Canva Pro to use the full extent of the site.
Canva was a great tool for me when I was starting out on designing. You can have templates that you can edit and do some designs with and that is something that makes it pretty a cool device to make use as well when you want to do some designs and logos.