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Hi there,

My name is Michael and I'm a retail worker and a software developer. I've been in the hosting industry since I was 13, and that started with Host-Mania, where I helped my mate run it. I then moved to England and then he cut me out and renamed his business to zFast. I've helped another mate run DialAHost for a while.

I started my own webhost called CubicWebs and I also ran BangHosts. I then left web hosting as it's a very hard market to get into, and sold Software licenses under Licencart. I then sold that after I had issues with money, and started fresh as

I was working on a main project of mine whilst doing and decided to sell that business to put time into my family and work on this new project as I believe it will be a hit.

That is how I've got to where I am today.


Michael Dance
Server Herd Admin

:: Ticaga - Help desk software of the future.
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